Interview with Rosalind Wyatt

Rosalind Wyatt

Here is a link to a new video interview with Rosalind Wyatt.  She talks about her philosophy of creating art and her fascination with handwriting and words.  Take a look!


Rosalind Wyatt

Here is a link to a recent article written about one of my favorite British textile artists, Rosalind Wyatt!

“Rosalind can trace her needlework skills back several generations into her own history – her grandfather and great grandfather were tailors on Savile Row and her Italian mother’s aunt did fine embroidery for couture. Rosalind started her own artistic career with a focus on calligraphy and bookbinding, but recognized a talent and passion for textiles, going on to complete an MA at the Royal College of Art in Textiles and Mixed Media. Moving from calligraphy to stitching wasn’t as much of a switch as a “progression” for Rosalind, where her range of writing tools just became broader. Rosalind says she discovered that “it’s the intention behind making a mark that gives it power and presence”. One of the tools she picked up to write with was a needle and she began to form letters with it, finding her artistic voice in textiles and stitching.”

The article continues here. ‘I wish I were with you’ Commission for Fortnum & Masons, Piccadilly, London Photo: Rosalind Wyatt

Jessie Chorley Day 5

Today was our last day….it went so fast!  We stitched all day today to get our projects finished.  What a great week it was.  Thank you to everyone for coming, and thank you so much to Jessie for sharing herself with us.   The first four are student projects, the rest of the pictures are Jessie’s work.  All beautiful!!image image image image image image image image image image image